Luigi Games

Bowser World DestroyerBowser World Destroyer

This game is not quite a classic Mario related game, since the roles have been switched. Now you have to control the giant monster

Mario Bomb ExplosiveMario Bomb Explosive

Mario Bomb Explosive is a brilliant game where you`ll test your logical thinking abilities. This game brings together two of the most

Mario Kaboom 2Mario Kaboom 2

This time Mario and Luigi have lost contact. Now they found each other, but there some obstacles between them. With each level becomes

Mario Rescue PrincessMario Rescue Princess

It is a great opportunity because now you have the chance to play an amazing game from Mario platform. Mario Rescue Princess, the name

Mario Street FightMario Street Fight

Are you prepared for the battle? Because in Mario Street Fight you`ll have to show your fighting skills. This game is similar to a

Luigi`s RunLuigi`s Run

One day, Luigi finds himself trapped in a peculiar world filled with dangers. The only way to escape seems like a green portal at the

Luigi - Castle On FireLuigi - Castle On Fire

Imagine a castle whose corridors were filled by lava! No one knows where it came from, nor what caused the disaster. Luigi seems

Mario WaluigiMario Waluigi

In this game you are able to play as the main rival of Luigi – Waluigi. He is cunning and it is said that he dislikes the happiness

Luigi`s RevengeLuigi`s Revenge

Something terrible has fettered Luigi`s mind. All these years he kept his dormant madness within him, and the time has come to release

Luigi GunmanLuigi Gunman

If you want to experience a castle siege, this game is for you. Bowser destroyed your bank and stole all your coins. Moreover, he

Mario Kart ExtremeMario Kart Extreme

What if Mario decides to steal a Kart and would start driving like a crazy Grand Theft Auto player? He would definitely try to smash

Bullet BillBullet Bill

Have you ever asked yourself what it is to be a bullet? What it is to fly on an enormous speed and smash your enemies performing

Super Mario 63Super Mario 63

This game is a wonderful mix of both classic and innovative gameplay elements. The graphics are improved and you will notice the way

Mario Racing TournamentMario Racing Tournament

There is one day, when peace establishes in all the Mushroom Kingdom. Do you believe it`s a day of quiteness and neat tea visits? No

Super Mario Flash 3Super Mario Flash 3

One day, when Mario woke up in the morning, he realized that it was a good day for a long walk through Mushroom Kingdom. Thus, he

Mario Tractor MultiplayerMario Tractor Multiplayer

Imagine yourself a princess riding a pink tractor! Now imagine the princess riding the tractor is famous Princess Peach! This game

Mario in Sonic WorldMario in Sonic World

It is known that when a character enters another character`s world, he gains some additional powers and abilities. Now imagine, what

Super Mario RampageSuper Mario Rampage

When Mario and Luigi start for a job, you can say that it`s already done. Through years, they have become symbols for the entire Mario

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