Super Mario Crossover

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Mario can not win all the stages all by himself. There are games where his foes are able to help him to complete the game. This game is one of those. It features multiple characters. You can select your favorite character at the beginning of each level. Thus, you are able to play as Mario, Link, Bill, Simon, Megaman and Samus. Each character has his own controls and abilities. To progress in the game, you will have to use all your character`s abilities. Some of them wear huge guns that can shoot enemies. If your enemies are low on the ground, you can lay too to give your best shot. Simon will be able to jump higher if you double press `Z` button during the stage. Samus can turn into a ball by pressing down arrow. Use your character`s special abilities wisely. Smash the blocks and collect the golden coins. Play with different characters in order to reveal all their special skills. To select your character in the main menu of the game, press `Z`.Have fun!