Mario Shoot Zombies

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Usually, Mushroom Kingdom is a peaceful place. Although it is inhabited by multiple creatures that would like to see Mario dead, overall, Mushroom Kingdom is safe. Mario can defeat most of his enemies. But one day, some zombies attacked Mushroom Kingdom. Princess Peach wrote Mario a letter of request in order to alleviate the situation established. Now, you have to help Mario get rid of the zombies that peril Mario`s country. In order to kill all the zombies, you have to shoot them precisely. Aim and give your best shot. Your bullets will ricochet if they hit the wall. Use that to your advantage! Don`t forget that your bullets are not infinite. If you lose all you bullets which are displayed at the top of your game screen, and you don`t manage to take down all the zombies, you will fail. To acquire a good score, you will have to shoot them quick and to use as few bullets as you can. Good hunt!