Fantastic Duet 2

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One day, Mario went on a mission. His goal was to save Princess Peach from Evil King Bowser. But during his travel, he was misguided by someone. Thus, Mario found himself trapped in some odd jungles. But what a surprise it was when he found out that Sonic the Hedgehog is also lost in the jungles. Apparently someone tries to kill them both. Now, you have to help Mario and Sonic escape the jungles. In the main menu of the game you can choose which player do you want to play with. You will live an entertaining adventure. Collect as many coins as you can. In order to reach higher platforms, use the trampolines. Play this dynamic game and avoid contact with enemies. You can jump on their heads in order to kill them. Finish the game with both Sonic and Mario and help them escape the jungles.